From Puppets to Fashion

Spending a solid decade building puppets for The Jim Henson Company and nabbing an Emmy for puppeteering taught me something pretty cool - the magic in design lives in the pattern. It hit me: if I can pattern a puppet and puppet costumes, I can totally pattern some killer human garments too!

I spent years learning the art of tailoring through building puppets, and along the way I discovered that many of the techniques I had learned in the construction of Muppets share their origins in garment making. I was fascinated to know that the same stitching technique used in the construction of Sesame Street's Count Von Count could be found in haute couture! The similarities were undeniable, and I was inspired to teach myself the rest.

Amidst the chaos of the full-blown pandemic in 2020, my wife and I found ourselves stuck in New York City, grappling with fear and uncertainty. Yet, in the midst of it all, I picked up sewing...and one of my first garments I ever made was this dress for my wife. It lit a fire in me for fashion!

In 2023 I launched Bizzaro (BZRO) Clothing out of my home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I use fashion to inspire people to embrace their inner child and celebrate individuality. Our limited runs ensure high quality and promote sustainable practices, reducing fabric waste and minimizing environmental impact.